Flute and guitar virtuosos

IT may have been an hallucination that angels entered the Minor Basilica of the Convent of St. Francis of Assisi, attracted by the flute playing of Niurka González, a girl whose braid fell over her long black dress, and the guitar of Eduardo Martín, that afternoon of the La Integral para Flauta (Complete Work for Flute) concert, where the audience remained silent, except when responding to the music with prolonged applause.

For accomplished guitarist and composer Eduardo Martín, it was an artistic achievement to create this program in which he launched his complete work, performed by the well known flutist Niurka González, with whom – as he stated, visibly moved – "I have had the honor of playing."

At the same time and in the opinion of the composer of La Integral para Flauta, the world premiere of Contorno found its ideal interpreter in Niurka González, because he wrote it for her with great hopes when they agreed to do the concert together. En Cinco Líneas was another suggestion, which according to Martín demanded a wide range of interpretative potential from the flutist.

The music soared, not only in the virtuoso dialogue between the flute and guitar, but also with the entry of pianist Darío Martín, when his fingers ran over the keyboard performing Acrílicos en el espacio. What an extraordinary duo of young musicians! And let me not forget to mention the grace of Galy Martín, who played the guitar like a delicate and strange toy, supporting Hasta Alicia baila, a piece which she has heard played since her childhood.

The inclusion of brothers Darío and Galy in the program was not by chance, as Eduardo Martín affirmed, because his sons are the most familiar with his music, they heard it being created at home, including Suite Habana, the piece selected to open the concert and his first composition written for flute.

Musical figures invited to La Integral para Flauta included the maestro guitarist Jesús Ortega and singer-songwriter Silvio Rodríguez.

In the short intervals, they praised the work and made requests for a repeat performance in the future. I did not study music, but I can assure you that the concert allowed me to hear the most sublime exchange between a flutist and guitarist who are among the finest in the world.

Source: Granma International
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